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You still out here? Can’t believe about to be 20 years since the rap battle thread back in the day.
Well, I thought I'd announce this.

I'm OFFICIALLY A NEWBIE DRIVER! Got my driver's license Friday, so happy. No more having to bum rides all the fraggin' time.
Ugh it's been a long time. But two things; 1. I'm VERY close to getting my driver's license if all goes well. Pray for me if you're so inclined. That also means I can finally use my gym membership and GET SERIOUS about fixing my weight problems.

And 2. you're proly going to see this around a lot but..


A slime draws near. Command? RIP Akira Toriyama 1955-2024. Us English folks only found out last night, even tho he died March 1st.
If anyone else would like to catch up with me after all of these years, I'm on discord sometimes. So send me a message and I’ll send a friend request! ;) I'm not often online these days, but I'll try to pop in when I can!