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  • Sure am! It's a little bit different here but I guess you could say my major is multimedia design? My programme is called communication & multimedia design, meaning you could basically do everything there is to do in media (graphic design, UI/UX design, web design, programming, film making, animation, game design, photography etc). I'm currently in my final year working on my graduation project.

    Biology sounds cool! I used to love that in high school. Any specific field within biology you'd want to work in eventually?
    I will always obsess over Xemnas! :mad:

    And hey, for all we know he might come back. ....Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully. ;A;

    Okay, if I really have to pick... Mm, Demyx? I always liked him and his bits in KH3 were a blast. I would absolutely love to see more of him. But no one else really fills what I like about Xemnas, so I'll keep obsessing over him. lol
    I'm "so-so" on it. Though there was much work put into the game, the story could have been laid out in better ways.
    I mean, most of the 2/3 of the game is going to worlds trying to get the power of waking yet Ventus then explains to Sora that he had it the whole time just call to it you didn't need to waste hours going to different worlds just so he can "achieve it" when he already has it. The only significant thing in going to the worlds was, I guess, regaining power that you lost like every other game. And many events could have come in the middle of the game that wouldn't have made the game feel so rushed at the end. Other than that, a beautiful game. I'm not really on here anymore and I'm actually about to explode like a large water balloon because my schedule is so bad that I can't go on social media so I thought to let you know.
    Also it's 8pm and I have a huge migraine.
    man, wyverns are soooo cool! We don't see much of them in media so it's always nice when they are used like in FE or FF5. I have X (although I really dislike that game), didn't even made into the first gen in Sun because I had other games I wanted to play and was already pretty saturated with Pokemon so I gave up early on. Love the story and concepts, though. plan on going back into it into the future for US.
    He's such a nice pokemon! I really like how his design is basically Monster Hunter but as a Poke.
    I'm not on Steam anymore, haven't got the time.
    Other social media accounts I haven't really been on either, I only spend some time on the internet to see what's new and then I leave. Trying to be active on the forums but it's hard.
    Hello, Soldier~
    Indeed I am leaving KHI, but still logging in these days to say goodbyes to those I've talked to more frequently (I... don't want to bother others) and reply where it's necessary. I'm glad to hear from you as I do this, and I am sincerely touched by the lovely yet still direct words you adress me, I appreciate straight-forward talk and you know this by now. Thank you <3 thank you for being a good friend and nice person to talk to around here, and if the site ever gets the better of you, do not stay just to keep the fire linked, consider what's it all worth, similarly to how Dark Souls makes the player face the same question. I'm honored to hear I inspired you, I inspired a positive/open attitude, we indeed need more friendliness and diplomacy around the web.
    You can find me on my main tumblr, my fandom reblogs tumblr or my deviantArt, I put all links here and in the Social Media sharing thread, whichever is more convenient to you, if you ever feel like chatting. I'll keep those accounts around, I'd be glad to know we can keep in touch from time to time on either of those websites, if you also have accounts, maybe. If not, then it's also ok, since I never forget the people who I gave my sincere interest and free time to, in enjoyable talks and fun art requests <3
    I'm partially sad to leave like this, but to be honest, the forums became very arid, rigid and stubborn as in atmosphere and discussions, I no longer felt I belonged nor could I make it a better/funnier place, or at least that's how I perceived things. I tried for a long time to come back.. but it just didn't work. Now that KH3 is coming, and actually, the whole game got leaked in that disaster event recently, a KH-news site doesn't seem like the best place to be around if you want to avoid spoilers. I sure do want to avoid spoilers, especially since I won't be able to play KH3 till maybe April 2019 or later. But I'll play Bloodborne in like 4 days, when my vacation starts, and that will make me the happiest gamer chicc in Eastern Europe xD
    Take care, friend~ I'm glad KH made us connect, it's the game's own magic to make connections like these
    My break started yesterday. And sorry but I've pretty much "left" the forums so I haven't been active much. Sorry for the times I haven't talked. I only come here now for quick visits. Idk, just got boring here after awhile. Also my life has been a long never-ending roller-coaster of stress. Trying to graduate and do work as well as spend time with my family as much as possible. So yeah, it's not that I don't care about all my friends here it's just there's been lots of times I haven't been active and might as well say that I've kind of "left". Not for good, just till my life chills a bit.
    I see, that makes sense. The RokuNami and SoKai FCs' owners may or may not respond to my requests to join then. Fair enough. I'm glad to know the Riku fan club is still going and that it's run well. Howler does indeed seem to be very nice so I look forward to talking with her more there.

    It's good to know you and I have quite a bit in common! I'm still starting out in Pokemon Ultra Sun so I'm not that strong right now. The same goes for Sun and Alpha Sapphire. However, I am pretty strong in X. I wouldn't mind battling you. I play for fun so I don't mind if I lose. I don't have my friend code to hand right now but I can pass it to you in a PM if you like once I have it.

    I became a Fire Emblem fan back in 2014 after my friend's brother found an extra game cartridge in his Fire Emblem Awakening case upon opening it for the first time. It was a brand new game that somehow ended up with two copies inside. Talk about amazing luck! His sister and her friend had already got their own copies so they gave it to me. They had only recently started playing themselves and were enjoying the game. Of course, I had seen this entry in the Fire Emblem series on the shelves in the local game shop many times but had been put off by the idea of permadeath and not picked it up. I had never been very good at strategic games anyway, chess or otherwise.

    My friends encouraged me to give it a go, saying I could borrow the cartridge for a bit and that there was a casual mode where characters did not die for good. I selected casual mode like they advised and I remember spending an hour just on creating the Avatar. It felt like Skyrim all over again with the variety of features you could choose from, albeit significantly more limited than that RPG. For someone who had only got used to creating her own character for the first time in Pokemon X, this was awesome for a handheld JRPG. Once I had made a tactician to my liking and chosen her voice, I called her by my real name like I do with the trainer in Pokemon and this was so I would feel even more immersed. It had the desired effect because I was hooked from the first chapter. After that, my friends said I could keep the cartridge and explained how they had come upon the extra copy. Thus, Awakening became my first Fire Emblem game.

    I read all about the previous entries in the series after finishing my first run. To this today, I have not played any of the older titles due to their lack of casual mode. I am still no good strategy games and I get too attached to characters. I also play to enjoy the story as well as the characters so I usually choose normal difficulty. However, I have since begun playing Awakening on classic mode for the first time because I know the story well and am ready to experience the game differently. I am doing the same with Birthright and Echoes. I am still playing on normal though.

    Speaking of Echoes, I was really happy when I heard Gaiden was getting a remake. I finally had a chance to play an older entry with casual mode. I had heard these previous games had better stories, more developed characters and harder gameplay. The people who say that are right! It took me a month to finish Echoes; I first played it on release day and then continued up to the end through June 2017. It's the fastest I have ever finished a handheld game. I hope other old titles get remade, ported or remastered, especially Geneology of the Holy War. It's considered to be among the best of the Fire Emblem series and apparently has one of the best stories.

    Archers are amazing in Echoes and bow knights are even better in that game. My favourite class in Awakening is myrmidon but in Echoes, it is priestess. There are bow knights in Awakening and Fates by the way. Some classes are common across all games.

    I don't tend to be actively hunt for trophies or achievements in games. I'm happy if I happen to get any though. It's good you're a jack of trades as there are only a few games I'm okay at. Fire Emblem is the only strategy game I like. I've tried hack and slash, first person shooters, simulators and other genres but they either do not appeal to me or I am terrible at them. That is why I stick to RPGs, particularly ones with a real time battle system as I am at least okay at those.

    Platinuming all of the KH games is no mean feat and in half a year too! I couldn't do that even if I tried. Hats off to you.

    I played all of the KH games on 1.5+2.5 from the end of December 2017 until April 2018. It took just over six months to finish what is the whole of the Dark Seeker saga so far. Playing them back to back - sometimes even concurrently - was intense. I really got sucked in to the story and very much invested in the characters by doing that. I did not beat the final bosses of the games in order though because some proved too hard so I moved on to the next entry to take a break if that happened, watching the ending cutscenes on Youtube of said title in case I never managed to defeat the last enemy I was having trouble with. Ansem Seeker of Darkness was the last boss I beat and I was playing on beginner mode like all of the other titles. The only KH game I never finished was ReCOM. I found the battle system too tricky to get to grips with so I watched gameplay and cutscenes on Youtube instead.
    Haha, you could say that! I like fan clubs on forums so I was happy to see there were some here. A few look very quiet so I'm not sure if the owners will see my posts or not. I've been accepted as part of the Riku FC though. It's a good start. Thanks for messaging me on here. It was looking a bit bare but no longer! I play Tales, Pokemon, Skyrim and Fire Emblem (3DS titles). I've dabbled in Final Fantasy in the past two years by trying X. I've been dipping in and out of that one. What other games do you play?
    Yeah, normally you'd think that, roughly, school = no internet, but since I spend so much time researching and reading various sources of texts, I can be found either reading an actual book or working on my laptop. Which is always connected to the internet, and I take breaks. Of course I don't surf the web during class though xD
    That's actually a very nice thing, I think. Irl I also kinda hope I inspire some (uh, how should I call this) "gotcha fam you're in good hands" feel, and people keep confirming so I assume I'm on the good road. Didn't know it's noticeable on KHI too, especially since my replies were getting rarer and rarer and we didn't know each other during 2015-2016 when I was more active
    W-what? Lmao, it's actually the opposite xD My summer vacation is over, that means I'll get back to uni work, sure, but it also means I'll be online most of my time :'D I think I'll still drop by and see if I can comment in a thread without being crucified by others afterwards. Motherly presence lol

    Forgot to reply to the voice/accent thing, but I agree that even when someone doesn't think they have an accent, across the world in the end everybody has an accent. I find that perfectly normal, in fact I love observing accents and well, making people with strong accents comfortable when speaking another language. It takes just a bit of open-mindedness from others and a bit of courage from the speakers.
    Yo~ yeah, I like changing my avatar, I wish I had those fancy big avatars but that comes only at a large number of posts that I probably won't achieve lol
    perhaps you recognize it, perhaps not, but either way the avie is just a scene from Attack on Titan season 3, which is ongoing now and releasing episodes
    To answer your question, I most surely have an accent xD After all, my mother-language is Ukrainian, but I live in Romania so Romanian is the language I speak most these years, thus I have something between a Slavic and a Neolatin/Romanian accent, but not that much. I am used to British English (also I studied in British English), so how I speak is closer to that rather than to American English, too. Guess my accent is a diverse mix of small things, as one can often expect from non-native English-speakers from Europe. But people told me my accent isn't strong, like you know some Germans, Italians or Russians can have those heavy distinct accents you recognize from miles away. Also, um... I don't have a high-pitched girly voice, from what people tell me I have a calm and soothing voice that sounds reliable/a bit serious?? down-to-earth?? thus my philosophy classmates love it when I read texts aloud during seminars
    Well, I can see that seeing as I have no college experience whatsoever. I just hear many people around me put in so much work when they go to college yet I see many people around me at school do pretty much what you explained, be the rich kid and get what they want when others put in more effort. I know that not everyone in college puts in the effort they should, but most people I know do put in effort. I just guess my point of view of things is still not as clear seeing as I've not seen what goes on at campus.
    So, please don't be mad at me if you are. >.<'''
    Yeah, genetics can kinda suck at times. And it's a sort of condition I don't want future children of mine to have. If it wasn't for my brother's condition, he would have been in basketball (he's pretty tall and wanted to try out for it but he found out before he did practice).
    Well, as long as there was fun then that's all that matters.
    Thanks. As for high school, yeah you're right. But everyday is full of drama and gossip and inappropriate talk that makes me continue to wonder about society nowadays. At least those in college are putting in the effort to learn, lots of students in my school don't show appreciation to what they learn. It's sad.
    Yes, that's meeeee. The girl who can never decide. :p
    And with my illness, it's gone. And had my first football game two days ago for marching band. And now I have a cardiologist appointment an hour away tomorrow due to figuring out if I genetically carry something my brother has with his heart (we need to do more genetic testing with him). Man I like buttons, can't wait for the one I'm getting from deluxe edition in 5 months. Maaan I'm so excited for the extreme hype! Oh no, you have 2 days left before you go back to the fun stuff, I wish you good luck for this year! It's nice you're revisiting your friends to game before you head off, I've been able to spend time with my friends before school starts. Which starts in a week, and I just realized............................nooooooooooo. Just this year and another year, and I'm outta there for good!
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