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  • Ahh okay, I'll probably add ya to my PSN, you'll recognize my name on there. If you ever want to play some online games during my Christmas break (Dec: 22 - Jan: 7th) I'll be up for it. If not, then that's also okay. :)
    Yep, been some kind of journey on the forums. 2 years for me actually haha. Probably after KH3 is in everyone's hands will I say my final farewell, like you said before there's lots of drama and real life situations I'm in.
    Ahh yeah that was pretty upsetting reads considering I thought the general reactions to him here were positive aha. But with things like the pop vinyl and stuff hopefully that means something cool is going to happen for the dark boi <3
    But yeah thanks for the contacts c: I actually don't use tumblr much and it's been inactive for a few years, and don't use deviantart anymore (artstation is my main go to for professional art aha). I'm thinking about using tumblr again though now that my life is sorted more aha, but probably not heaps.
    My PSN is Kitty543, tumblr blog ishttp://shady543.tumblr.com/ (it's unfinished actually lol and my fandoms have changed heaps since it last got updated, need to get onto that hxh background asap), Instagram is aliciarzewucki, c;
    Ahhh I perfectly understand, I may be leaving too. But dang, wish I got to know you and other people a lot earlier than I did. ;w; Thank you for making my time on here better, greatly appreciated. <3 And that's good that IRL on your end sounds good. c:
    But yeah, all the best, and hugs returned <3 I enjoyed the smol convos we had. Its nice seeing other Vanitas fans around and it's pretty great that his popularity is increasing. If there is a social media topic I might post my contacts there. c:
    So I heard from Howler's messages that you're leaving KHI. Well, things like this happen eventually.
    I'm going to keep this short and sweet Grey, for my sake and yours.
    You were the first person to message me on here, on a site where in all honesty I came to just make some threads and tell the world of my successes platinuming games. And I never forgot that (largely in part to the fact it's permanently on my profile), so I'm going to keep that trend going with other newcombers here. Pass on the torch and keep the chain going you know?
    In addition to that, you made that epic drawing of the KH pokemon art that I'll always treasure so long as i live. The details on the mamoswine's fur, the sharp ice hooks on the sandslashe's claws just makes it all feel so real! You already got my glowing review from that, and it still holds up to this day.
    Not only that, but your presence on here was very welcoming, almost motherly with a slightly darker tone to it. Very refreshing change of pace, and a good reminder that many people with contrasting personalities can gravitate towards a similar interest.
    In spite of the way people treat Romanians (or at least from what I've heard from you at least, largely due to the fact that europeans are rare where I live) I still really can't see why. Then again, I'm a person who judges character and action rather than appearance or nationality, so that could play a role.
    Tch, So much for short and sweet, oh well, Arrivederci my Romanian Namine, until we meet again.
    (and also apologies for not replying to the earlier message by you, that was a result of gross negligence on my part. I'll probably fix it one day.....)
    Oh uh, goodbyes! I wish we could contact some other way!
    And everything is agreeable as I may be leaving for good here shortly, take care dear friend. Thanks for everything you've done, and hope you enjoy KH3 as much as possible! I give you so many hugs back! <3 <3
    It's okay. I know it was worth a try, so I appreciate it. :)

    I hope one day you will be back once things settle down. It usually does. XD
    I recently went to GameStop and found Funko pops of KH3 there. And guess what? I found my man Riku and found Vanitas there. So I thought to myself...

    I feel so nice each morning to now wake up and see them, ahh~
    And then I actually almost passed out at GameStop because I saw KH everywhere. Backpacks, hats, figures, mystery boxes, Sora's shoes, mugs, winter hats, keychains, t-shirts, more Funko pops (sadly no Monster Sora to be found). I was actually starting to cry, it was so beautiful. And then KH appeared on the TVs and that's when I sat down and thought: "Is this... heaven?". Then got home and saw not only Avengers: Endgame trailer but the newest footage for KH3 and that's when I cried.
    Anyway, hi! How are ya?
    Ahhh dang it's been awhile since I've went on here again. IRL got in the way, hopefully next year will be so much better and a new start xD Hows it going? :3
    Soo, hi again! XD

    I thought I should check in and see if you're still willing to draw up my characters. I suddenly remembered you for some reason, so here an I. ;3
    Hanging in there and also I had a bit of a win. I've lost enough weight that it started screwing with my high blood pressure meds, in a good way. If my blood pressure stays down until late next week, I am officially off one of my blood pressure meds, and I hope I can get off at least one more if not both eventually.

    Oh and my doctor is with me all the way on this. :)
    Don't sweat it, as you can see I'm not the quickest cat myself xD

    I still hopes for a Vanitas face turn. Not turning him completely good (that's my fanfic), but just giving him the right to live (this is the series that gives everyone that, no?)

    Fine, then I am almost done with my thesis, which means I'll get my university diploma soon next year :D
    So I'm peachy! Not much is happening, but I'm enjoying the peacefulness while it lasts.
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