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  • Looks like everyone I used to chat on here with is long gone. Years gone it looks like. I see you are still hanging in there. I hope you are doing well Mac! I think the last time we talked was on speaker on the PS4 like five years ago. I seen you on the PS5. I want to get mine in the coming month(s) hopefully. I think it's almost time. I want it for Spider Man 2 and Silent Hill 2.
    I sold my original psp to put tge money towards a Vita. While I love my Vita, it was a mistake, because 90% of Square's good psp games never hit the Vita. So I recently bought another psp, and thus my Crisis Core journey began anew haha.

    But for real, I'm surprised it hasn't been ported, especially in this golden age of HD remasters. And it would sell well for sure. Kinda surprised me Type-0 got an HD remaster before Crisis Core.
    Hey there, Recon! And thanks, I saw the image while just randomly browsing the other day and was really taken by it. I've been replaying Crisis Core lately, so my head is definitely there haha.
    Thanks, Recon! I’ve probably been spending too much time on here tbh! Lol. But it’s been a fun eight months!
    Lol. Though I do like how our avatars are now looking in the same direction and are day/night.
    I seriously can't express my joy with how Repliku is returned, I caaaan't. I'm seriously crying over it I can't tyype.
    I take back every time I made fun of Nomura and Square Enix because they brought such feelz I didn't know existed. I know that I've fangirled over Riku a lot but Repliku being alive made me choke on my Sprite and exploded all kinds of feelings and emotions that omgggggggggggggggggg. I need to breathe.
    Sorry brother. I've officially jumped ship. Should you carry on with our identity please carry it with pride! It's been an honor sharing an avatar with you!
    Oh you mean for the signature?! Lol I'm starting to think we spend too much time together somehow
    Wow, thank you... I haven't been as active as I used to be but I admire the appreciation nevertheless! ??????

    I managed to catch this fleeting moment in the forums history (I swear every senior member must've done it already when they were teens)
    Haven't had a headset for PS4 and no motivation to play games. Waiting on that new Spider-Man game to bring me back into the fold. Party chat is a distant memory
    Thanks Recon! I thought it was depressing enough when my 10 year anniversary passed last month, but knowing I've made roughly 2,000 posts a year is a real kicker.

    Here's to another 10 years and 20,000 posts!
    Hey! And omg it is the most fun I've ever had on any game console. Playing 0.2 is amazing, I love everything about it! The graphics and the fluidity of the gameplay. DDD also looks so much clearer, man I'm loving next gen. But mostly, I'm super happy cause now I can get KH3 with everyone! Hopefully it'll be on the PSN store so I can buy it. I'm saving up my money. My brother has a headset hooked up to it and has been doing live broadcasts. I've been thinking about doing it too lately. Also got Star Wars Battlefront 2 and have been sucking at it lol. I got the Elite Trooper deluxe edition so I got extra fun stuff, thankfully it was on sale for $59.99 at GameStop.
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