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Alpha Baymax
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  • hey there, just wondering how you've been! it's been such a long time since i last logged in here
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    Honestly i kinda was afraid to come back bc i thought the forum would be inactive, but it‘s still pretty lively here. How have u been??:)
    Alpha Baymax
    Alpha Baymax
    I don't blame you for thinking that. Honestly, I've been doing the best I can. What about yourself? :)
    Having some personal issues due to my family and studies - but I keep hanging on. Glad to hear you‘re doing well!
    Howdy! Would you mind if I made your quip on my Michael Eisner goof my forum signature? If not, no worries!
    I feel so bad about being late, but happy belated borthday Baymax!
    I'm working on that, there's a lot of content that needs updating so please be patient.
    I figured an explanation was out there, and that's surprisingly not all that absurd. I was just laughing at how I was so dang giddy watching the trailer(s) that I only casually acknowledged "oh hey, Marluxia's back, meh" before going back to HOLY CRAP MIKE WAZOWSKI.
    Thanks. I'll check it out after my little doctor visit in a couple hours; I would rather make sure I have time to just do it. ^^
    I only want to use official descriptions (KHi's is too long anyway :'D), that's also why Ventus and Strelitzia don't have any.... unless we get, like, another KHUX movie, we might never get descriptions though… hm..

    I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll just improvise and come up with my own descriptions.

    Thank you for directing me to that, though! :)
    That's what I'm doing. :) All the dialogues are taken straight from the game, except for the Quests that haven't been released yet (I think there are only little exceptions, I'll need to see which ones). I'm always gonna replace the translations with the dialogue from the game, so don't worry! :D I also noted it down after all the spoiler-brackets

    Thanks for your input though!
    Hey there, just wanted to make sure you don't think I was making fun of you in the Kairi's Grandma thread. :D I realize it kind of sounds like I'm mocking you, which is really not the case!

    Also, thanks again!
    Hey, Baymax! We're getting the new Ux world! (May 11th)
    スクウェア・エニックス BRIDGE | ゲーム・コミュニティ| SQUARE ENIX BRIDGE

    It's not the new not-implemented-in-any-other-game world, but I wanted to tell you nonetheless
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