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  • That sounds really like something which cripples everyday life. Ouch. Of course I wish you only the very best and that its symptoms become negligible with the correct treatments.

    Several things happened this year, among them two of my aunts being diagnosed with cancer and my last grandpa died in June. Despite not being overly close with the former we do have the occasional contact and appreciate each other. Since they're sisters of my father it of course does impact everyday life to a degree as well.
    Combine that with our company expanding and gaining more influential customers which results in higher workload overall and you get me having at least a certain degree of stress.
    On some days I went to bed as early as 9.00pm simply because of exhaustion. <__<
    Ouf, that sounds harsh.
    My utmost sympathy. ;__;
    I hope it isn't anything chronic?

    My reduced forum presence is entirely due to RL workload and some family issues.
    Taochan I have a legal problem in regards to the site if I don't get banned from this site I'll be sent to jail ok? so remove my account
    but yeah check with your mods or site staff to see if they got anything? Spockanort knows the story too
    Taochan, I don't know why but I can't move my eyes away from that avatar you've got there.
    Anyway, hi! I haven't spoken to you in ages! ;_;
    Rounding close to a year since I've heard from ya Katie. Hope you've been doing well, both online and offline.
    I send you good fortune and peace.

    Taochan! It's so good to see you! <3

    I don't know if you've read Lord of Shadows by Cassie yet. But there's some news about The Queen of Air and Darkness! In case you're still interested in the Shadow Hunter series. :D I really can't wait for the cover reveal and release date.

    I hope you're doing well!
    Hiya, just heard from a friend that apparently there was yet again some new "canon" stuff on the first World Orchestra concert for KH, namely "backstory" for KH III with the voice actors of Kairi, Lea and Xion coming on stage, do we have any further info about that?
    XD honestly Katie, I know you have been swamped, but I really do appreciate you taking the time to review. On that note, will there be a topic update for (whats now) February in the Name Change Request thread?
    Hey, just wanted to ask why my trophy doesn't get accepted? Did I forgot to put the link there?
    Did you get 2.8 early or something since you can give advice on the treasures in 0.2?

    And the memory-thing has me intrigued, are those like the mementos in DDD? Little videos showing scenes from BBS?

    I didn't know the name would be a spoiler. :(
    I see.
    Well, nonetheless I know that such a thing is an error I won't repeat. <__<

    Alrighty, that's certainly a deal I will come back to later on the 25th then. ;D

    I acrually hope that I manage to get the remaining trophies of BBS on PS3 before the English release of 2.8 so I am ready to directly dive into it. Getting that Maestro-trophy for all Fantastic on every Ice Cream Beat song was such a headache to do.
    Now that I finally have it I can hopefully gather the rest a bit more easily.
    I guess excitement got the better of me as despite being rather short, Back Cover is a really nice piece of work and does make you care for the Foretellers and Ephemer.
    By now I'm actually slapping my forehead that I didn't think about the fact that not all of the staff would get to play the Japanese version beforehand.

    I intended to change my avatar to the same person but with a different expression from Back Cover which is from the same scene as the snippets we already saw in the trailers and Muke meant it wouldn't count as a spoiler since it is just a facial expression, but I'm going to be cautious now and postphone this as well as the award request to the 28/29th January, at least five days after the international release.
    Then such an accident certainly won't occur again. ^__^
    Waaah, sorry, I should know better than to write stuff in a hurry and forget proper titles. ;__;

    X Back Cover is the only part I spoiled myself on completely due to an early English version available on the net.

    If it's any consolidation the how and why that spoiler happens has much bigger and more detailed reasons I didn't spoil there.

    How can I make up for this?
    Geez, I hope I didn't accidentally spoil you on something because I stupidly forgot to write a title in that spoiler-box in the award-thread. <__<
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