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  • Hey man just wanted to say you're a real entertaining dude especially with your posts, so keep at it. c:
    Hey man, life's been busy and I realized I never properly apologized for venting my frustration on your "KHI is better than ever" thread.
    I was in a pretty awful mood but that's no excuse for pooping the party.
    Sorry about that.
    just so you know they're trying to piss me off because hentai babe is a friend of the guy who was banned yesterday, she told me so yesterday so I added her to my ignore list I'm not letting them get to me
    yeah I just beat nioh and tried ds2 so I kind of hate it rn but maybe we'll get together on something else so thanks either way
    do you feel like sharing your psn for soulsborne mp or would you prefer to say “nah fam” and fly off on a fart trail into the nether
    dude its cool, I act pretty weird and ask a lot of questions. I can promise you I'm not truly this strange but a mix of poor communication skills and the internet make me come off like a freak. nice reaction vid btw
    Listen. Are you getting your complete, ENTIRE -LIFE- over the new Ducktales promo!? cuz i am <3
    In another reality, you and Ashton "regular legs" 69 are good partners.

    I've decided he's either meeseeks or scary terry, butch.
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