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  • Could you give me the locations other than in Genesis were it says that it was in defiance to God? Because in Genesis it just says they wanted to build a tower that would reach the heavens.
    So you think that God saw mankind come together as one, and said oh s**t if they all come together and work as whole then there is nothing that they can not do! I need to go down there confuse and scatter them all? Seems kind of messed up...
    Lol, in specific or in general. Do you think that the biblical account is real/accurate? I ask this because (you're a Jehovah's witness right?) I know that Muslims disagree with the biblical account and also because I read the parts dealing with it in the bible, and I'm like wtf!?
    Except that Jesus himself said(Matthew 5:17-19) do not think that I have come to change or do away with the laws given to Moses and that you all should observe them until the day you die. Also, if it were possible to speak to someone from way back in ~77AD (or whenever close to there, or sooner/around the time Paul went around) and you told them that you live in the future by 2,000 years and the world is still wicked and God hasn't come yet; they would be totally confounded and astonished. This is because of the simple fact that they did not foretell some far off future event, they literally thought it was going to be any day now, tomorrow or the next day(or within one's lifetime, etc), not hundreds of years away (let alone thousands). Even the Jewish prophecy didn't take thousands of years.
    Hey I just noticed that at the bottom of the forums page it has the Online Users section, Why do some people have + next to their names?
    I just now realized, after 3 years, that your name is a play on "Forever Alone."

    Sorry, that probably sounds like I thought that was an argument of yours or something. I simply read it in some links you posted in support of something or other Biblical, and was curious about dates and such, as aforementioned.
    Hey, I have a question, how did you get Birth by Sleep early if you don't work for Sony?
    Thank you so much! You seriously have no idea how happy you made me. I hope you have the best Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate) that anyone can have, for you are one of the best people that i know.
    I've got a question for ya: How could the Bible have begun being written in the 16th century BCE when Judaism - essentially the primeval root of Christianity - wasn't even around in any form resembling its modern version until the 6th century BCE? Perhaps this is not your particular belief, but doesn't this say that the Christian bible began in a theological climate of Semetic polytheism, something that might be greatly/totally antithetical to general Christianity aside from the generic moralities and histories documented by most religions stemming from the region?

    I just find it hard to believe that the Christian bible begins being written in a time and place where not even Judaism yet existed.
    Say, I know this is a random question, and over a year late, but how did you get Birth by Sleep early, anyway?
    Hey Atlas can we please gameshare? I just wanna try out the beta so bad! for Ratchet and Clank.
    Sorry for asking so many questions about Infamous but it does look pretty hardcore. I just have a few more.

    1. From watching videos it looks like you get more HP as you progress right?

    2. Is there a difficulty for this game, I mean can yo uchoose what difficulty you want to play on?

    3. Are there trophies?

    4. I'm still kind of confused but does the game tell you where to go next? or how does it work?
    You mentioned you have a website on a thread, I just want to see/read it. You could PM me the link if your concerned with members harassing your site.
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